God the Glory of the Believer

But Thou, Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head (Ps 3:3).

Lord, let thy grace surround me still,
And like a bulwark prove,
To guard my soul from every ill,
Secured by sovereign love.

Theologians put this verse in perspective much better than I. I give you the following:

Jamison, Fausset, and Brown Commentary:
But–literally, “and” ( Psalms 2:6 ). He repels the reproach by avowing his continued trust.
shield–a favorite and often-used figure for protection.
my glory–its source.
lifter up of mine head–one who raises me from despondency.

John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible: … thou, O Lord, [art] a shield for me] Or “about me”  protecting and defending me…the Lord is a shield unto all his people… They are kept by his power, and encompassed about with his favour, as with a shield; his veracity and his faithfulness in his promises, and his truth, are their shield and buckler:
my glory;] who took David from the sheepfold, and made him king over Israel, and raised him to all the glory he had enjoyed; and in whom he gloried as his covenant God, and of whom he made his boast; and not of his strength, valour, wisdom, riches, and honour…he is the glory of his people, in whom they glory, and by whom they are called to eternal glory; and who will give it to them, and reveal it in them, even an eternal weight of it, which the sufferings of this life are not worthy to be compared unto;
and the lifter up mine head;] …he is the lifter up of the heads of his people in conversion, when he raises them from a low estate, and sets them among princes to inherit the throne of glory; and when he gives them comfort, peace, and joy, which causes them to lift up their heads; whereas in sorrow, and mourning, and distress, the head is bowed down like a bulrush, and when he gives them boldness and confidence, as at the throne of grace now, through the sprinkling of the blood of Christ upon them; so at the bar of judgment hereafter, through the righteousness of Christ put upon them, as that they shall not be ashamed nor confounded; and he will be the lifter up of their heads in the resurrection morn, and when they shall appear with Christ in glory.

MINE: God will never lead you where his grace cannot keep you. His grace will always surround you to guard your soul from every danger and calamity. His love is sovereign (possessing supreme or ultimate power). It is because of that sovereign love that his grace is extended to his children to shield them and lift up their heads.

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