Personal Testimony

From Pastor’s Desk: 8-27-17

Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me. – Psalm 66:16 (NIV) by Dave Whitehead, Senior Pastor,, Author of Making Sense of the Bible

There is power in our stories. The account of a changed life can give a weary heart hope. You may think that you don’t know the Bible well enough, but we overcome the enemy by the blood of Jesus who forgives our sins, the power of our story and not shrinking back from telling that story. Being a witness is not being an expert; it is telling others what you have seen, felt and heard. We can all do that.


Some people think they don’t have a “great” testimony therefore they are reluctant to give one. For those of you who have never spent a great deal of time in “deep sin” please know that your testimony is just a great as the person who has. The sustaining power of God in your life is the same power that has delivered someone else from a life of “deep sin.”

No matter what your background is, you can tell “…what He has done for me.”

Personal testimony is always the best!

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