Strength and Blessing

From Pastor’s Desk: 11-29-15

Psalm 29:11 (NIV) The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.


Another, and maybe the best, reason to hide oneself in the Lord. There is no peace that compares with the peace He brings. Beyond understanding is the peace which pervades the mind, soul, and spirit when we are standing beside the grave of a loved one that knew Christ Jesus as Savior, knowing that we will never again see them on this earth. But the peace the Lord brings is such that we can rest assured in the knowledge that we will see them in heaven. How about in the middle of a distressing situation, not knowing how to cope? When we begin to pray the peace of God permeates our entire being, enabling us to go on in spite of circumstances.

In his salutation to the Ephesians Paul wrote, “How we praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ.” Every spiritual blessing, of which peace is at the top of the list.

The order of writings in Scripture never cease to amaze. I don’t think it strange that “…gives strength to his people…” would precede “…the LORD blesses his people with peace?” Often, even frequently, well okay, mostly, peaceful times necessitates warfare, and, warfare necessitates strength.

The Lord, in order to lead us into peaceful times, individually, or as a family, church, community, country, etc., must lead us into battle on the way to experiencing peace.

May we not be guilty of quitting the battle before peace is attained!

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