Don’t be Afraid!

From Pastor’s Desk: 6-3-18

But the Lord said to him, “Peace! Do not be afraid. You are not going to die.” – Judges 6:23 (NIV)

The angel of the Lord is speaking to Gideon, who seriously doubts that he is the right man to lead the Israelites into battle against the Midianites. Hiding in a wine press, Gideon is paralyzed by a fear of the enemy and a low self-image. Yet these are the kind of people that God uses for His glory. “Do not fear” is the command that appears more than any other in the Scripture, for God chooses those who know they need His help over those who think that they can do it themselves. (Dave Whitehead, Senior Pastor,, Author of Making Sense of the Bible)


The Bible is replete with verses that uses “Do not fear,” “Neither be discouraged,” “Neither be dismayed,”

One Hebrew word is used interchangeably for discouraged (Deuteronomy 1:21) and dismayed, which is, châthath (khaw-thath’); properly to prostrate; hence to break down, either (literally) by violence, or (figuratively) by confusion and fear…

Another word is also used for dismay; chath (khath) taken from that word; concretely crushed; also afraid; abstractly terror: – broken, dismayed, dread, fear.

Still another is shâ‛âh (shaw-aw’); to gaze at or about (properly for help); by implication to inspect, consider, compassionate, be nonplussed (as looking around in amazement) or bewildered: – depart, be dim, be dismayed, look (away), regard, have respect, spare, turn.

One would think that with so many references that God realizes there are going to be those things we face that will bring fear, discouragement, and dismay. The plus side of it is that He tells us not to!

In order to NOT fear, be discouraged, or dismayed necessitates total trust in Him.

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