Good Example of Righteousness

From Pastor’s Desk: 7-8-18

Genesis 15:6 Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.


Note that it is “Abram” that believed the LORD. At that point his name meant “High Father.” It wasn’t until Geneses 17:5 that God called him “Abraham” which means “Father of a multitude.”

As he was called, before he knew what he was going to become, Abram believed God. It would be uncharted territory for him and his family, yet he believed God. Hardships would be sure, by the very nature of the journey. In a land so unforgiving, loss of life within his family and/or entourage would be experienced. The time frame of the journey could not be known, as such would be contingent on so many things. The relationships, good or bad, he would be involved in along the way, as well as when he finally got there, would be unforeseeable.

Yet he believed God. Because he simply took God at His word, God credited it to him as righteousness. That is a good example and good word for us today, no matter where we are in our journey.

Take God at His word. He will credit to your righteousness!

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