Keeping His Way

Sunset over Mountain Range

From Pastor’s Desk:

But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot has held fast to His steps; I have kept His way and not turned aside. – Job 23:10-11 NKJV


There is nothing better than knowing you have “kept His way and not turned aside.” The peace that it brings is irreplaceable. When considering what His way is it is that much more significant.

His way is the way of holiness. Holiness is the standard of God that runs throughout Scripture. It is that standard that God raises up against the devil when he comes against us (Isaiah. 59.19). It is what is meant when God says, “For I am the LORD your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy; for I am holy (Lev. 11:44, 45).

Will we ever reach the ultimate standard of holiness? More than likely not, but that is really not the point, because God knows that we won’t. His word, however, is replete with Scripture that tells us that are to strive toward holiness. In order to do that, we must be on our guard, lest at any time we come short of being as holy as we can.

Notice the word “sanctify” in Leviticus 11.44. We must always be setting ourselves apart as a vessel that God will be able to use. The interpretation of that word, in days gone by, was sanctified to the point one CANNOT sin. I think, through study of Scripture, that we have come the conclusion that there is a point of progressive sanctification where one WILL NOT sin. That is the point where we come to hate sin, and choose not to.

Indeed, keeping His way is sometimes an arduous task, but nevertheless we are too do the best we can. After all, that is the only way we can be like Him.

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