A “No-brainer!”

From Pastor’s Desk:
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Mark 8:36 NKJV
It is an astonishing thing to think about all the exhausting effort to gain the whole world. And then to think that, if it could be done, there will be no profit in it, simply due to the fact that when death’s demands are met, there is absolutely nothing, of all that was gained, that can be taken out of this world. All effort wasted!
On the other hand, there really is no effort in receiving Jesus Christ as Savior. Just a simple confession with the mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and a belief in the heart that God has raised Him from the dead is all that is necessary (SEE Romans 10:9-10).
Have all the world while you’re here, and lose it all when you die, or accept Jesus here and live in the splendor of heaven for eternity. That really is a “no-brainer!”

Sunset over Mountain Range

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