How to Treat Others

From Pastor’s Desk:

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; Romans 12:10 NKJV


Following yesterday’s verse, “Each of us is to please his neighbor for his good, to his edification” (Romans 15:2 NASB), there is substantial similarity, in that it is still examining the realm of how we are to treat each other.

We are standing, or living, in the realm of grace. To realize the grace of God extended to each of us should cause incentive to be gracious to others, which seems to be the gist of these verses. To treat others with kind affection should be a natural (maybe supernatural?) thing for those who are in Christ. KJV “Affectioned” is φιλόστοργος philostorgos (fil-os’-tor-gos), meaning, (cherishing one’s kindred, especially parents or children); fond of natural relatives, that is, fraternal towards fellow Christians: – kindly affectioned.

It’s not hard to display kind affection to those with whom we agree, or like, is it? But maybe one the biggest difficulties in life is treating those with whom we disagree, or don’t like, with kind affection. Note that neither of the verses gives a conditional aspect. That is to say, Scripture is not telling us that we are to treat others well and give preference only if they “line up” with our way of thinking, or act / react in a way that we think appropriate, or treat us well first. No, the principle on display here is one of doing what the Bible says regardless of the circumstance, the occasion, the time or place, our feelings, their feelings, or any other excuse we could give for not treating them well.

An adage, whether of recent times or times past I don’t know, rings true in this context: “When all is said and done, more should be done than said.” Or, how about this one? “Talk is cheap!” One more. “Actions speak louder than words.” You might know some more. Go ahead and apply them.

Bottom-line truth is that we are commanded to treat others with respect, kind affection, give preference, and all this for their good, and for the sake of building them up.

Sunset over Mountain Range

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