Joe Taylor received the call to ministry in 1960 at the age of sixteen. In 1962 he began ministry in youth, music, and Christian Education, beginning in Armona, CA. and continuing in San Leandro, CA., where he worked as Director of Youth and Music, and in Christian Education for eight years.
In 1970 the opportunity came to preach a revival in Armona in the church where he had received his call to the ministry. Though having preached and taught during prior years this began an intensified preaching ministry along with the other aspects of ministry already in place.

Moving back to the San Joaquin valley in 1972, he continued Youth, Music, and Christian Education ministry with First Assembly of God, Tulare, CA serving as assistant pastor for five years with two consecutive senior pastors.

During the year of 1978, a new area of ministry began along with the others.  Meeting Wayne and Alice Peton, who had recently moved to the valley from northern California, Joe joined The King’s Three, a group that the Petons had been a part of.  The group has consisted of different members through the years, but always with Wayne and Joe since 1978. The King’s Three ministered until October of 2008 when, because of the duties of the pastorate, the group decided to disband.

In 1979, Joe took credentials with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), and began a three year stay at Tulare Church of God, serving as Assistant Pastor, working with Youth, Music, and Chr

istian Education as well as ministering with The King’s Three.

In 1982, appointment took Joe to Reedley, CA to serve as senior pastor of the Reedley Church of God until 1987.  A while after leaving Reedley, The King’s Three again began traveling throughout the San Joaquin valley and other areas of California, from Chico, Oroville, and Placerville in the north to Lancaster in the south.

Helen has ministered to children throughout the years of their ministry, teaching children’s classes, directing Children’s Church, as well as training others to teach.

Joe and Helen are currently serving as Senior Pastors of Tulare Church of God.


2 Responses to About

  1. Johnny Taylor says:

    What a pretty couple!


  2. Ruben Arreola Jr. says:

    Hello Pastor Taylor, how are you? This is Ruben Arreola Jr. Who came to your church for a couple of months or so. I use to sit in the back row of the pews all the time. I had home for a short time living with my dad, til I became homeless afterwards. At the moment, im staying with my girlfriend for a short time, whom im going to marry, about a month or so. Hopefully everything will turn out good for me and her. I’d just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and your family and everyone at church. My phone number is : 559-917-1201. If wish to reach me to say hello, I would be grateful. Thank you for being kind to me, it is a blessing in your church, take care. From Ruben Arreola Jr.


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